HOSS Fillet Knives clean large fish faster and easier than any other electric or hand held knife.  If you have ever tried to clean a red fish, sheepshead, black drum, catfish, tilapia or any other large fish, you will know how frustrating it can be.  With the Hoss Fillet Knife, you can clean these fish in less than 30 seconds each.

Order yours today, and you will spend more time fishing and less time cleaning. 

HOSS Fillet Knives was invented by Andrew Messenger, from Prairieville, LA.  Andrew runs a bowfishing charter business, called HOSS Bowfishing.  Bowfishing is a combination of hunting and fishing.  To learn more about HOSS Bowfishing, to the HOSS Charters website at www.hosscharters.com or call Andrew Messenger at 225-329-3295 or email at Andrew@hosscharters.com.